2024 Rome, Italy

I-078 Robert de Mooij
A quantitative comparison of tumor sub-model variants in a minimal PBPK model for early clinical dose projections of antibody therapeutics in oncology
Wednesday 10:20-11:50
II-018 Burak Kuersad Guenhan
Evaluating the utility of dose/exposure-response modeling for dose optimization in oncology
Wednesday 15:20-16:50
II-042 Ana Homšek
External evaluation of selected infliximab population pharmacokinetic models on patients with fistulizing Crohn’s disease
Wednesday 15:20-16:50
III-070 Zvonimir Petric
Population Pharmacokinetic Model of Apovincaminic Acid (AVA) — an Exposure Proxy of Vinpocetine
Thursday 09:50-11:20
III-099 Maša Roganović
External evaluation of published population pharmacokinetic models of adalimumab in inflammatory bowel disease patients
Thursday 09:50-11:20
III-107 Aymara Sancho
Does shrinkage on exposure metrics truly impair E-R analysis?
Thursday 09:50-11:20
IV-037 Veena Thomas
Utility of Physiologically-based Pharmacokinetic Model to Predict Inter-Antibody Variability in Monoclonal Antibody Pharmacokinetics
Thursday 15:00-16:30
IV-108 Renwei Zhang
Impact of censoring on non-linear effect modeling of aggregate-level survival data
Thursday 15:00-16:30