2024 Rome, Italy

B-18 Alzahra Hamdan
Integrated modeling of digital-motor outcomes and clinical outcome assessments using IRT: a framework for developing better outcomes for clinical trials in rare neurological diseases
Wednesday 16:50-17:10
C-11 Davide Bindellini
From physiology to disease: A quantitative framework for system-disease-drug interaction in cortisol replacement therapy
Thursday 12:20-12:40
D-02 Lorenzo Dasti
A Quantitative System Pharmacology model for the development and optimization of mRNA vaccines.
Friday 9:15-9:35
D-03 Erwin Dreesen
A patient stratification tool for selecting tuberculosis treatment regimen composition and duration
Friday 9:35-9:55
D-04 Carlos Olivares
Mathematical Modeling Of Gut Microbiota Diversity Under The Effects of Beta-lactam Antibiotics
Friday 9:55-10:15