2023 A Coruņa, Spain

C-02 Conor O'Hanlon
A framework for drug pharmacokinetics during cardiopulmonary bypass
Thursday 8:30-8:55
C-03 Alexander Janssen
A generative and causal pharmacokinetic model for haemophilia A: towards an unified model for all factor VIII concentrates.
Thursday 8:55-9:20
C-04 Alessandro De Carlo
Integrating Reinforcement Learning and PK-PD modelling to enable precision dosing: a multi-objective optimization for the treatment of Polycithemia Vera patients with Givinostat
Thursday 9:20-9:45
C-05 Alexandra Lavalley-Morelle
Joint modeling of biomarkers dynamics and survival with competing risks to predict the prognostic of patients hospitalized with severe infectious diseases
Thursday 9:45-10:10