2021 Online, In the cloud

I-21 Geraldine Ayral
Simulation of first-in-human using an allometrically scaled population mechanistic TMDD model with preclinical monkey data, using the MonolixSuite
I-22 Emmanuelle Comets
Additional features and graphs in the new npde library for R
I-23 Alexandre Duong
External evaluation of population pharmacokinetic models of gentamicin in critically ill patients
I-24 Mehdi El Hassani
Impact of sampling times on the predictive performance of tobramycin population pharmacokinetic models
I-25 Ibrahim El-Haffaf
Simulation of the impact of unbound fraction variations on the predictive performance of a piperacillin-tazobactam population pharmacokinetic model.
I-26 Hanna Kunina
Model Averaging Applied to Models With Various Biomarkers Using Multiple Weighting Methods