2023 A Coruńa, Spain

I-58 Miao-Chan Huang
Population pharmacokinetic analysis of amoxicillin in postpartum Göttingen Minipig plasma and milk: a contribution from the ConcePTION project
Wednesday 10:00-11:30
I-71 Hongjae Lee
Population pharmacokinetics of FM101 in healthy volunteers and long-term safety prediction: phase 1 study
Wednesday 10:00-11:30
I-74 Anaëlle Monfort
A population pharmacokinetic model for sertraline in depressive patients during the perinatal period: prediction of infant drug exposure through placenta and human milk
Wednesday 10:00-11:30
I-83 Kyong Kuk Ryu
Population pharmacokinetics of ticagrelor and active metabolite during veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation
Wednesday 10:00-11:30
I-98 Renwei Zhang
A model-based meta-analysis of immune-related adverse events during immune checkpoint inhibitors treatment for NSCLC
Wednesday 10:00-11:30
II-03 Oliver Ackaert
Exposure Response Analysis of the Effect of Loperamide on the Cardiac Repolarization Interval in Healthy Adult Subjects
Wednesday 15:35-17:00