2022 Ljubljana, Slovenia

D-02 Zinnia Parra-Guillen
A physiologically-based pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic framework to support clinical development of V937, a novel oncolytic virus
Friday 09:15-09:35
D-03 Marion Kerioui
Joint modelling of individual target lesions and survival to characterize the variability in the response to immunotherapy versus chemotherapy in advanced bladder cancer
Friday 09:35-09:55
D-05 Sarah Lobet
Target-response relationship of bevacizumab may be more relevant than exposure-response - a target-mediated drug disposition (TMDD) model
Friday 10:15-0:35
D-09 Perrine Courlet
Modelling real-world tumor size dynamics based on electronic health records and image data in advanced melanoma patients receiving immunotherapy
Friday 11:15-11:35