2021 Online, In the cloud

I-14 Niklas Hartung
Nonparametric goodness-of-fit testing for parametric covariate models
I-15 Sara Carolina Henriques
Population pharmacokinetic analysis on data from a bioequivalence study Effects of hormonal contraceptives on drug exposure
I-16 Galina Kolesova
Virtual Patient Populations: Comparison of Approaches in Application to QSP Model Of Erythropoiesis
I-17 Venelin Mitov
A unifying approach to sampling NLME model parameters
I-18 Giovanni Smania
Conditional distribution modeling for covariates simulation using classification and regression trees methods
I-19 Asuka Suzuki
Applying parametric bootstrap to generating a distribution of pseudo-objective function value difference for model selection in population pharmacokinetic analysis under time zone-specific nonexistence of observations
I-20 Veronika Voronova
Exposure-safety analysis for oral GLP-1 analogues: the impact of between-occasion variability in drug absorption on nausea probability