2021 Online, In the cloud

B-16 Alexander Janssen
The Neural Mixed Effects algorithm: leveraging machine learning for pharmacokinetic modelling
Friday 17:00-17:20
B-17 James Lu
Deep Learning for PK/PD and Disease Progression Time-Course Predictions using Neural-ODE
Friday 17:20-17:40
C-18 Estelle Yau
A systematic framework for the incorporation of preclinical species data into physiologically-based pharmacokinetic models using a middle-out approach to improve the translation of drug distribution in humans
Monday 17:25-17:45
D-03 Carolina Llanos-Paez
Use of item-based non-linear mixed effects model to improve confidence in Phase III clinical trial decision-making
Tuesday 13:00-13:20
D-04 Iris Minichmayr
Beyond disease progression Item response theory modelling to gain structural insights into disease facets underlying clinical score assessments
Tuesday 13:20-13:40