2021 Online, In the cloud

B-03 Rob van Wijk
Translational quantitative systems pharmacology; crossing borders between experimental and computational drug development using zebrafish as model organism
Friday 13:00-13:25
B-04 Eleni Karatza
Machine-Learning for cancer treatment: Guided covariate selection for TTE models developed from real world data with a small number of patients
Friday 13:25-13:50
B-05 Vincent Chang
In silico assessment of adaptive trial design for TB regimen development
Friday 13:50-14:15
B-10 Linda Aulin
Model-based design of innovative treatment strategies to suppress antimicrobial resistance using collateral sensitivity
Friday 15:30-15:55
B-11 Marion Kerioui
Bayesian modelling of individual lesions dynamics and survival to characterize response to immunotherapy cancer treatments
Friday 15:55-16:20
B-12 Anna Mc Laughlin
Population quantitative systems pharmacology model of distinct CAR-T cell phenotypes and CD19-specific metabolic tumour volume reveals sources of high pharmacokinetic variability and overall survival
Friday 16:20-16:45