2021 Online, In the cloud

C-07 Anyue Yin
Anti-cancer treatment schedule optimization based on tumor dynamics modelling incorporating evolving resistance
Monday 14:00-14:20
C-08 Sreenath M Krishnan
Multistate model for pharmacometric analyses of overall survival in anticancer treatments
Monday 14:20-14:40
C-09 René Bruno
Operating characteristics of tumor growth inhibition-overall survival models to support early Phase Ib decisions: An evaluation in first-line metastatic non-small cell lung cancer patients treated with atezolizumab plus chemotherapy based on the Phase III study IMpower150
Monday 14:40-15:00
D-05 Alexandra Lavalley-Morelle
Individual dynamic predictions in joint analysis for nonlinear marker evolution and competing risk data: application on patients admitted in Intensive Care Unit for sepsis
Tuesday 13:40-14:00
D-10 David Busse
Body composition and drug exposure in adipose tissue are key for antibiotic dose-individualisation in obese individuals
Tuesday 14:50-15:10
D-11 Jérémy Seurat
Combination of in vivo phage therapy data with in silico model highlights key parameters for treatment efficacy
Tuesday 15:10-15:30
D-15 Marie Alexandre
Dynamics of the humoral immune response to a two-dose heterologous vaccine regimen against Ebola virus.
Tuesday 16:35-16:55
D-16 João Abrantes
Model-informed development of RG6102, an amyloid-targeting investigational drug with enhanced brain penetration properties
Tuesday 16:55-17:15