2024 Rome, Italy

II-025 Nadja Haas
Pharmacometric analysis of symptom burden during anti-cancer drug therapy by a Markov modelling approach
Wednesday 15:20-16:50
II-027 Nina Hanke
Population pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modeling of the iclepertin drug effect on hemoglobin levels
Wednesday 15:20-16:50
III-030 Marcel Mohr
Integrated In Vitro/In Silico Systems Immunology Model to Quantify Drug-Induced Changes in the Immune Response after Influenza A Virus Infection A Blueprint for the Preclinical Assessment and Clinical Translation of Infection Risks for Biologics
Thursday 09:50-11:20
III-056 Joanna Parkinson
A streamlined, semi-automated workflow allows quick and efficient QTc and other ECG intervals modeling assessment, saving time and cost.
Thursday 09:50-11:20
IV-024 Bae Sungyeun
Population pharmacokinetics of intravenous MIT-001 in healthy subjects and patients
Thursday 15:00-16:30